10 Cách Bắt Lô Kép Miền Bắc – Đỉnh Chóp Là Đây Chứ Đâu?

How much do you know how to catch a double lot and how good of them are you?

Do not be too confident in what you already know, but regularly update other unbeaten strategies to take shortcuts and stay ahead of the bridge spans.

The following article will bring new perspectives, tips to play pocket early to become famous in this village with already a lot of players.

What is a dual lot?

Double lot is understood simply as lots where two numbers of tens and units are exactly the same. Double means repeating, only pair or pair, so when the pair of numbers comes in this form (eg 99) it will be called a double lot.

What is a dual lot

Every time the double appears, there is a nice bridge to enter

However, according to many years of experience studying the laws of northern saints’ numbers, the double plots do not stop at the same trailing numbers.

In fact, dual batches are also divided into many types, for professional gamers who want to go to the hairline of the double batch to have the best looking bridge: double batches, double deflection, dual negative and close double.

Classification of double lottery – Hold to play for the standard

The law of numbers is thoroughly studied by the saints and divided into the following standard double plots.

Double equal

Equals are lots with equal ends as mentioned above, consisting of 10 word numbers 00 come 99.

Double-equalizing will not worry about the wrong ball, so there is no need to lightly pad the tail-and-tail, but can be “full force” for the single twin.

Thus, the first is to reduce a part of the capital source, the second is to definitely eat it if you double it.

The numbers are of this dual category:

Dual is equal: 00 – 11 – 22 – 33 – 44 – 55 – 66 – 77 – 88 – 99

Positive double deviation

People who play ball according to ball must know this “term” of yang, tens and units will deviate 5 buttons.

The specific convention is as follows:

  • Number 1 has a positive shadow of 6.
  • Number 2 has a positive shadow of 7.
  • Number 3 has a positive shadow of 8.
  • Number 4 has a positive shadow of 9.
  • Number 5 has a positive shadow of 0.

So we have 10 pairs of skewed pairs:

Positive difference: 16 – 61 – 27 – 72 – 38 – 83 – 49 – 94 – 50 – 05

Dual negative

Similar to double deflection but the rule here is the negative shadows of each other. Shadows are defined as follows:

  • Number 1 has a negative shadow of 4.
  • Number 2 has a negative shadow of 9.
  • Number 3 has a negative shadow of 6.
  • Number 5 has a negative shadow of 8.
  • The number 0 has a negative shadow of 7.

So we have 10 negative pairs

Phonics: 14 – 41 – 29 – 92 – 36 – 63 – 58 – 85 – 07 – 70

Double close

This is also within the scope of professional considerations when looking at dual plots.

Duality is understood as numbers double bingo the front and back of the dual lot.

So we will have:

The numbers are close to equal

Dual: 01, 10, 12, 21, 23, 32, 34, 43, 54, 45, 65, 56, 67, 76, 78, 87, 89, 98

The numbers belong to the double bias

Dual deviation: 04, 06, 49, 51, 15, 17, 60, 62, 26, 28, 71, 73, 37, 39, 82, 84, 48, 50, 93, 95

If anyone is new to getting used to it, they can skip the double close, or gradually go from close to double position and then to avoid the confusion of not knowing where to groping.

10 Ways to capture the top dual-lot North

The advice when double-typing is to know how to check the standard, regularly update new methods that are effective.

Here are the tips that not everyone knows to make the double lot more successful.

how to catch a double lot

What is the way to help catch the standard twin this afternoon

1. Experience with double roller from clamp bridge

Only the elders know this 1 – 0 – 2 double lottery because we often complicate things sometimes while the bridge is incredibly simple. Just choose the pair to appear in the tournament to play in the next period, you will know your win.

For example: XSMB on December 29, 2021 in the positions as shown in the figure appears the double pair 05, 77. As a result, on December 30, 2021 double-lots 05, 77 had exploded.
Small tip: If the double numbers appear ABBA, the rate of return is very high, we should not ignore the opportunity to drop money.

2. How to catch double lots from the special prize

Many lottery balls share the same points from the jackpot and the double lot is no exception.

There are many methods of double-catch, if today’s balance is about the sequence of numbers according to the double-lot rule, then you will have dual lot tomorrow extreme standard.

Dual catch by in GĐB

If the double lot (two consecutive numbers) jackpots are in any position, head-middle-tail => it is the double to be found, with this dual type it is possible to catch the money from the lot tomorrow.

Getting double deviation, first sound double – ending theme

2 first numbers or 2 special prize tails if they are each other’s yin and yang ball => catch the wrong dual lot, double negative for tomorrow, remember to lightly put the tail ball upside down.

Head and tail grafting

Follow the instructions below to get a good pair:

  • Take the first and tail numbers of the GĐB to form a pair of pairs and of course they must match or be the same number of each other can apply.

Example: On December 8, 2020, GĐB returned to 06320 and we grafted block 00. On December 9, 2020, lot 00 actually exploded.

  • If the first 2 numbers are double, we will use them to play next period.

For example: On December 15, 2020, the problem was about the form 61681, we had a pair of batches 61 – 16. As a result, on December 16, 2020, lot 16 exploded.

How to catch double plots falling from threads

Surely we are too used to catching blocks, right?

Getting compounded words is similar and statistically, there is the highest rate of double word in the XSMB.

For example: On December 30, 2020, about 05, then play this double and add 50 more to be sure. As a result, on December 31, 2020, dual lots 05 and 50 for both pairs.

3. How to catch double lot from falling lot

In addition to a drop, a drop is also common, and this is also a commonly used double lot.

However, we need to note that not all pairs are capable of flattening, but need to pay attention to other factors such as explosion frequency, location, alarm, is the liver batch or not …

Small tip: If a double has 2 clicks or a mixed pair, the rate of falling is large and we should start again.

Example: On January 4, 2021, double 88, explode 2, and this is the reason why we should continue to invest. As a result, on January 5, 2021, lot 88 fell back.

4. How to catch the double batch on the end of the mute tail

Silent double-screening also has many ways to bridge such as:

Head mute, tail dumb: This is the most commonly used manual method. Look at the dumb lottery (you can shut your head or your ass), if you want to play safe, wait for 2 more days to see if the dual batch of the mute is back, if not, then raise the next two days, for sure.

Anyone who wants to play dumb and raised 4 days of the dumb lottery since they came home.

Touch mute Head – tail of the same mute, immediately catch dual mute frame for 7 days.

Track mute batch: needs meticulousness, sophistication and documentation. Tracking today the first 2 mute, continued monitoring if three days later there is no batch of mute, on the 4th day, the first day of mute catches 22 and 4 days.

double typing

The KQXS chart has a lot of cues for a successful double catch

Similar to the dumb tail, but it is imperative that while waiting for the second bivalve to return, the batch cannot mute another one, and keep the number of days exactly the same as the number of days waiting for the second baby to return.

5. How to double lottery XSMB solution 7

Any Northern Lottery player, when asked, agrees that the tournament is a prime location for dual capture.

The reason is because there are 4 7th prizes in the XSMB and when they combine them or create the best pair of pairs in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Duplicate 7th prize is both easy but also extremely difficult because if you want to eat bold, you need to master the following rules:

  • The 7th prize pair is very easy to go back to the next period. For example: On 31/12/2020, the 7 double explosion at 11:00, on January 1, 2021, lot 11 fell again.
  • If you see that the first number and the last number solved by 7 are the same, the combination becomes an equal double, the number ball will create a skewed double. For example: On December 30, 2020, the first prize is 12, 86 => we combine to 16, 61. As a result, on December 31st, 2021, lot 16 exploded.

In addition, it is possible to combine the top 7 prizes together or combine in other ways such as:

  • Pair head 7.1 and tail 7.4 for a nice pairing
  • Matching head – head, tail – tail of 4th prize + 7th solution, respectively

Try reviewing the exploded KQXS and you will see this method has a feed rate of more than 80%.

6. The best way to double beat from GĐB & Prize 7

It can be seen that the 7th and special prizes both catch the standard double and if combined, we will have a 100% North style double lottery.

Observe, if you see the first number of the same number or number of the number of prize 7.1.1, this is the pair that will bring you ashore.

Example: On December 16, 2020, solution 7.1 is 64 and GDB is 16363. We matched lots 16, 61 and indeed, on December 17, 2020, lot 61 exploded.

7. How to catch the double-lot without skidding under the missing bridge

From the vacant position to the pairing of any two positions in the result sheet, all have very bright answers:

Double bridge: As the results above, it is easy to see that the compound is equal in the lot: 33-55-66-77 => missing 44.

3-day frame rearing for dual plot 44, batch capacity up to 90%.

8. Double-batch method from memory silver

Based on the silver statistics we will see that a lot of double score numbers for the next period, namely:

  • If the period before the batch 00 returns, the next period will double 55 or explode.
  • Today Lot 61 is out, next period 11 will also come back.
  • Realizing 08 many returns, it was the door of 33.
  • There are lots of 21 explosions, dual 77 is also coming.
  • Today has lot 94, the next period has lot 99.

Knowing these basic rules, no pairing can make it difficult for us.

To be more sure, compare them with other players to increase the probability of winning and come up with the most suitable investment.

9. How to catch dual lot by day of the week

There will be times when the double-logical method is used, but the numbers do not follow the rules.

So what is the lottery for tomorrow?

According to the most accurate statistics, if the lottery number you can double according to the day of the week because the ability to explode the lot by day is also quite accurate, specifically:

  • 2nd : 33, 77 were the most explosive on Monday.
  • 3rd: double deviation from 38-83, 11 probability of extremely high.
  • 4th: 66-99, the batch is very good and sometimes comes in both lots.
  • Thursday: dual negative 70-07 and double murder 10-01 are the most favorite lot.
  • Friday: the 58-85 negative and the 27-72 deviation were the most cultured.
  • Saturday: Pair 44-88 (you must understand that Saturday is bloody to the heart), almost this Saturday is also about, even about many flashes.
  • Sunday: 77-55 to land.

Dual typing experience

Each day of the week will have its own separate easy entries

10. Instructions on how to double-lot typing from the Dream Book

Most people who encounter digital karma believe that combining spiritual factors will bring the best predictive effect.

This folk experience has been applied over many generations, so if you dream correctly about couples, you will definitely have to pay down.

There is also another way to dual capture that is by relying on dream decoders.

No matter what animal you dream about, any event has a corresponding explanation and double number. Therefore, do not waste the good opportunities that dreams bring.

# 3 The double-batch experience needs attention

Dual lot is quite special, when playing this type of lot, it should be noted:

  1. 3-7 days frame farming: The double may not fall continuously, but if it is correct, the probability of falling again is very high, but it can be every other day.
    So, unlike a normal lot, winning is stopped, double play usually comes, which means that the winner still has enough frame for at least 3 to 7 days.
  2. If the scanning does not double: Can happily hit by date, or skip double shouldn’t be stubborn. Because the law of double-output often has a higher precision than other bronchoscopic laws.
    Double kill is chosen to fight with the double child always, so double lining lightly to avoid the double close.
  3. Final, play lots need to calm down, be patient and have a financial mastery to make a tool to make money, not burden yourself.


If you know 10 how to catch a double lot Above, the chances of life changing open up.

They will help you confidently challenge the whole lottery board and no matter how “virtual” the odds are, it will not prevent victory this afternoon.

Remember to consult carefully & practice regularly to not miss your opportunity.

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